Speed. Love That Feeling.

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The attitude is real. Slinking in the cool morning amongst a field of supercars is powerful. It feels amazing! To run my hand over the smooth curves of a Lamborghini or to lean against a Rolls Royce and adjust my Valentino cap, feels like something I could do every day.Infiltrating the paparazzi was easy this morning. This Kappa reissue had tongues wagging - so old school but also so new s[...]

Exploration. Where is My World?

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To feel excitement in the morning is awesome! My new Fendi kicks were in their box waiting for me to take them for a spin. Together we were about to venture out on an urban exploration.There are days when I want to drive very fast and fly over the highways, into the forest, and hit the hot springs. On others, sailing in the harbour is such a rush with the wind in my hair and the spray [...]