We build much more than a wardrobe: we build an image.

In 2016, Colton’s Couture opened its doors. What began as a pop shop quickly transformed into a chain of successful and flourishing brick-and-mortar multi-branded luxury boutiques. We understand that our customers don’t buy out of necessity, but shop because it’s their lifestyle and are truly inspired by fashion. At Colton’s, we listen to our customer – they are not sold to but advised; allowing us to unlock their true sense of style and self.

Coveted by the customer, carefully curated by us.

Our in house buyers curate the collections suited to our clients, where they are proudly displayed in our boutiques.

At Colton’s Couture, we put emphasis on creating a comfortable and luxurious space for fashion to speak its story. Our ceiling-high slabs of Italian marble are complimented with sleek silver furnishings to create a modern and open atmosphere for customers to explore. We open with floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, that invite patrons to enter our oasis, and discover themselves in us. Plans are underway to open multiple locations within Canada, and expand beyond.

But, there’s no future without you in it.