Raining. Without An Umbrella.

Raining. Without An Umbrella.

The day seemed nice enough. Sun peeking through the clouds. Birds singing on my terrace. I looked for comfort as I dressed for the day. But the sky had other plans and so now I am inside, waiting out the rain.

This Celine sweater is as soft as my kitten and the same smoky colour as her fur. Cashmere is my fall go-to and the extra long sleeves and effortless way it hangs on my body makes it a must-have. Maybe I will get another, perhaps two?

Everywhere I look hints of Halloween are beginning to appear. Are my Acne Studio pants the perfect orange of the season? Their smooth tailoring and crisp box pleats say everything you need to know about them. So chic and comfy for a day of walking around.

As I search through my new Fendi bag, I am reminded that it is definitely time to get a new wallet. Keeping my cards loose is such a bad habit! Fall is the season of rebirth isn’t it? No. That is Spring.

A strong coffee with a hint of honey. That is my drink. My ‘beverage’ of choice. No Pumpkin Spice for this girl! I like to keep the bees in mind on days like this. They are so important to our environment. Stella McCartney has been using images of bees in her collections for years to help the fashionably-conscious help with a great cause.

Do you feel like you are cheating when you wear your slippers outside? These Wang’s, with their soft rabbit fur and kitten heel, are all I wear at home. Propped up on the ottoman watching Netflix. Is anyone else obsessed with Travellers? I can’t stop watching this series and knowing that it is filmed in Vancouver is so cool.

Ciao, Aixa

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Model: Sami Thompson | Styling/Images: Helen Siwak
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