Tradition. Cottage Life.

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A sunny day and I am smiling! Each year the invitation comes for my family to visit the Island. To visit and catch-up. To get away from the city, the noise, and just do nothing. Plus, I have also been dying to wear this adorable Eugenia Kim toque.The weather is gorgeous. The leaves are changing colours and so am I. This weekend I am letting loose the fun with these silver stacked Prada sho[...]

Boho. Comfortable Beauty.

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Define comfort. Define casual. We all think differently when it comes to style. It is so personal yet so visible to everyone.When I plan onto spend a rainy day downtown, I book a cozy suite and only pack the essentials. My over-oversized Balenciaga sweater is the newest addition to my fall wardrobe and first into my tote. It looks rustic but is very soft. The silk scarf collar is so light[...]

Speed. Love That Feeling.

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The attitude is real. Slinking in the cool morning amongst a field of supercars is powerful. It feels amazing! To run my hand over the smooth curves of a Lamborghini or to lean against a Rolls Royce and adjust my Valentino cap, feels like something I could do every day.Infiltrating the paparazzi was easy this morning. This Kappa reissue had tongues wagging - so old school but also so new s[...]

Raining. Without an Umbrella.

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The day seemed nice enough. Sun peeking through the clouds. Birds singing on my terrace. I looked for comfort as I dressed for the day. But the sky had other plans and so now I am inside, waiting out the rain.This Celine sweater is as soft as my kitten and the same smoky colour as her fur. Cashmere is my fall go-to and the extra long sleeves and effortless way it hangs on my body makes i[...]

Colton’s Couture: 7th Annual Diner En Blanc

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The 7th annual Le Diner en Blanc took over the manicured lawns of the world-renowned VanDusen Gardens on Thursday, August 23rd.The Le Diner en Blanc event that saw 4,500+ like-minded persons joining together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this unique international event which began as a friendly picnic in Paris, France. Originator François Pasquier, his wife, and the French Diner e[...]

Impatience. Relax and Breathe.

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There are days when waiting around shouldn't be an option. How many times have you been told 'weigh your options?' Whatever that means. I like to make a list of my goals and think on them as I move through the days, week, months of my life.My Dad likes to have me come into the office with him on the weekends. I will learn so much he says. Think about your future, he says. This will all be [...]

Exploration. Where is My World?

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To feel excitement in the morning is awesome! My new Fendi kicks were in their box waiting for me to take them for a spin. Together we were about to venture out on an urban exploration.There are days when I want to drive very fast and fly over the highways, into the forest, and hit the hot springs. On others, sailing in the harbour is such a rush with the wind in my hair and the spray [...]

Colton’s Couture Relaunches in Richmond at Oakridge Centre

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VANCOUVER, BC, AUGUST 10, 2018: Curated luxury lifestyle boutique Colton’s Couture is relaunching its original Oakridge Centre location after the completion of a two (2) month and $250,000 renovation.Colton’s International, an online luxury fashion wholesale provider, ventured into brick & mortar retail in 2016 with the launch Colton’s Couture as a ‘pop-up shop’ in a vacant 9[...]

Shoe Seduction. Is it Real?

I don't know if it is real. The seduction. What compels my overwhelming fascination with footwear? I just know how it feels in my stomach when I lay the boxes out and gently remove their lids.A single-shouldered Self Portrait ruffled dress in the most divine lace, called to me today. Wear me it said. Ignore the heat and the blazing sunshine. It is cool inside so why not?And so began t[...]

Anticipation. How Long is Long Enough?

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He said ‘Let’s go away for the weekend. Not just anywhere but to somewhere. Let me surprise you.'Somewhere without the luxuries of home. Somewhere without Instagram. Wait! Is there somewhere without Instagram…really. I know what he means as I pulled-out my Prada Messenger Backpack. I can fit just enough in here to get me through a couple of days. Will we take the helicopter to the Islan[...]